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Free Walking Tours Hanoi

If you are an art lover and a big fan of sophisticated architecture, there is nowhere better than Hanoi to truly feel the charm and influence of French architecture. Free Walking Tours Hanoi will satisfy your thirst for art and beauty.

A not-to-miss destination when it comes to French architecture in Hanoi is St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Standing out with neo-Gothic style, this time-imprinted cathedral of Roman Catholic Church is located in the heart of Hanoi. Built in the 19th century, the church has many delicate details adapted to the architectural style of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This is a religious place of thousands of parishioners in Hanoi and also a well-known attraction of both domestic and international visitors.

Next destination that bears an impressive influence of French art and architecture is the Opera House. Covering an area of 2,600 square meters, the Opera House captures all of the eyes of onlookers with its French classic beauty. Inside the theatre is the place where important ceremonies of high-ranking officials and art venues are held, decorated with luxurious and fancy furniture. There is also a number of interesting entertainment spots surrounding the theatre like flower gardens and coffee shops. Although mixed with many styles, the Hanoi Opera House still bears the appearance of a French neoclassical, especially in the architectural structure, two-piece roof style with black stone tiles and interior decorations.





Stop to enjoy a delicious snack of Hanoi, which is Trang Tien Ice cream. For years, this famous ice-cream shop has rarely changed its flavors. There are three most favorite ice-cream tastes of Hanoians – nugget, green beans and vanilla. This snack is a very effective “assistant” in cooling the temperature in hot summer days.

Within the walking distance, don’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the National History Museum during your walking tours with Free Walking Tours Hanoi. The museum prides itself on the architectural harmony between the gorgeous Indochina and France and a rich collection of ancient artefacts. The museum displays a wide range of exhibits of sandstone sculptures dated back in the 7th century as well as tools and household appliances from many Vietnamese dynasties. Explore tranquil gardens and admire the blend of architectural styles in the building’s charming exterior.

Working out to keep fit while exploring fascinating places around the city, hesitate any longer and register right away for Free Walking Tours Hanoi.