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About Hanoi city

Vietnam’s capital runs to make up for time lost to the damages of war and the government of Vietnam that since the 1990s kept the outside world at bay. When people talk about Hanoi city, they usually talk about scooters vying for the space with cars and buses of always using horns on the streets and all around layers of history that reveal periods of Chinese, Japan, French invasion – offering a look into the resilience of proud, ambitious Hanoians.


Negotiate a passage past the ubiquitous knock-off merchants, and you’ll find the old streets of Hanoi The Old Quarter. Challenging real-deal farmers hawk their products, while city folk usually have their breakfast on noodles, practise Tai Chi at sunrise on the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake, or play Chinese chess with goateed elders.

Dine on the little food stalls or at every corner is wonderful to find out more Hanoi city, sample market products, uncover an evolving art scene of this city, then sleep soundly in one of several little luxury hotels for the very little cost. Meet the people, and delve into the past and see the awakening of a Hanoi on the move.