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Hanoi, in the eyes of its citizens and foreign tourists, is famous not only for many historical places but also the distinctive features lying on Hanoi’s weather. Through a gradual transition, 4 seasons in Hanoi take turns to make up the typical weather of this tropical city and create a profound impression on everyone’s mind.

Romantic and charming autumn


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For most people, autumn deserves the most beautiful time for exploring every corner of Hanoi. First, fall visits Hanoi by cool breeze when the sunlight is less intense, the sky is deep blue and the streets are covered with yellow leaves. Easily, tourists can feel the fresh air on an autumn morning when wandering along all the streets at dawn, where milky-white flowers spread their unique scent throughout the nights. Hanoi’s weather in autumn is almost ideal with temperature fluctuating between 20 and 25 degree Celsius. It is said that the romance and peace of Hanoi are only present in this period of time and autumn is commonly known by the Hanoians as the season of stunning photographs, great literature and meaningful memories.

Bitter cold winter


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As time flies, winter suddenly drops by Hanoi with a chilly breath of wind which can bring an eerie feeling. That’s the way winter often marks its comeback. Usually, winter lasts from December to February of the following year and the average temperature in Hanoi can be as low as 10 C. At that time, winter covers the whole capital city by piercing coldness and high humidity which exaggerates this kind of inclement weather. People can often be seen on streets with thick coats, wool scarfs or even those lighting the flame to get warmth.
Surprisingly, gathering around the flame is an ideal way to keep people closed up in wintery weather. For most people, winter is not their favourite choice of the season because the dark sky easily saddens almost all of us and reminds of the past memories. On the contrary, it is still so sweet for many couples to hold each other’s hands and stroll along some walking streets in Hanoi like Hoan Kiem Lake.

Warm and blooming spring


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Being the first season to start a new year, the arrival of spring means the time of renewal and new beginnings for life, work, love and mind as well. Spring comes and goes quickly in just about 3 months but remains a wonderful time for all people because springtime is attached to the biggest and most important celebration of the year – Tet holiday. Therefore, besides welcoming this blissful season, people are also busy preparing for the New Year Festival. Hanoi’s weather at this time is much warmer and wonderfully comfortable bringing people full of creative energy. As an usual, flower and tree buds are painted greener by some scattered drizzles- the unique feature of spring. Those greener buds, along with peach blossoms, roses or apricot, all make up a brand banquet of spring for Hanoi. If you‘ve got spring fever and feel thirsty for exploring the gentle beauty of Hanoi in this special time, don’t forget to take an umbrella and embrace the opportunity of taking some sweet sights of spring in Nhat Tan peach-blossom garden or even on the streets.

Boiling summer



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When spring says goodbye to Hanoi, it’s officially time for a red hot summer. Hanoi’s summer starts in June and is considered as the most favourite season of children when schools are out for Summer. The weather, in stark contrast with winter, is often described as sun-drenched and boiling hot. Sometimes, Hanoi’s temperature in summer can reach the top of 45 C and the sky is decorated with cotton candy clouds. The burning heat makes people sweat a bucket and rush to delicious, cold ice-cream or enjoy frosty beer. Luckily, heavy rainfall, the outstanding characteristic of summer, might pour down suddenly and bring coolness to Hanoi. Moreover, summertime is the season of fresh and mouth-watering fruits and vegetables. Mangoes, plums, mulberries and Ambarella are some which can easily be found along Hanoi’s streets. Despite all the uneasy things of summer, it is so relaxing for tourists to enjoy afternoon tea with end-of-summer winds when coming to Hanoi.
The convergence of four seasons creates a diversity for Hanoi’s weather and specialities. Each time, Hanoi is in a brand-new coat and possesses a charming beauty to all domestic and international tourists. Come, enjoy and feel a classical but modern Hanoi!