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Why Choose A Private Tour With Free Walking Tours Hanoi

Why private tours are number-one choices of travellers? 

What’s the best way to explore a country or a city – a private tour or a group tour? Read on to find out the answer to this question.
“The more, the merrier” or “More people means less money to pay” are maybe the two most common thinkings when it comes to the group travel. But this article will prove to every reader why private tours are the best choice to discover new land. 

Travel Style

Some of you must have experienced the inflexible itinerary of a group tour. You are certain to follow the group’s interest and end up visiting some places that you don’t like at all. 
In contrast, private tours are designed to suit your preferences, need, and travel budget. You are the one who is in charge of designing your own tour, where to go and when to go, and what to do. 
Moreover, you can spend more time with your loved ones in a private tour and create unforgettable memories together. Especially, private tours tend to be safer for kids and elderly people because you can take better care of them during the journey. 
But travelling with a group means there is a high chance you have to spend the entire trip with someone you have no affection towards. It’s certain that the excitement and value of the trip will be reduced when you don’t feel comfortable and happy. 

Tour Services

Group tours often provide only one guide who is going to be responsible for the whole group. This guide belongs to everyone in the group and it’s difficult for him/ her to take proper care of each group’s member. Thus, if you go with a big group, it’s likely that you will easily miss explanations or accidentally ignored during the tour. However, a personal tour guide will only concentrate on your needs and wants as well as ensure you are having a great time. 
Besides, the wait for departure in a group tour can be very annoying. You’ll have to wait for a while for everybody to show up. Nevertheless, private tours offer private and comfortable transports with your own driver, who is willing to take you everywhere you want, and ALWAYS be on time. 
Furthermore, if you decide to choose private tours, the choices of where to stay and where to eat are up to you! Our private guides can even suggest some nice hotels with excellent accommodation and reasonable prices. Also, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the local cuisine. On the contrary, contracted hotels and designated restaurants eating with strangers don’t sound really appealing, right?
Moreover, if you encounter any problems, our private travel consultants are always there to help you out. This type of service is not available in group tours.


As I have mentioned earlier, more people means money can be shared. The price of group tours seems to be cheaper, but some designed shopping destinations are going to cause extra expenses and reduce the time for sightseeing.
But the case isn’t going to happen on a private tour. We focus on providing affordable private tours with valuable and unique experiences. You don’t have to waste money on things that you don’t want to. More time for travelling, reasonable costs, higher quality of service, no forced shopping,…who could say No to a private tour?
For more information on customizing your private tours, please contact us to receive a detailed trip plan within 24 hours. No deposit is needed and your satisfaction is our top priority.