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7 Benefits of Using a Hanoi private Tour Guide

Private Tour Guide Hanoi

Why do you need to have a tour with your Hanoi private tour guide?

There are numerous advantages to utilising your Hanoi private tour guide. If you have taken a bus tour or another guided tour with other tourists, you probably have certain aspects you disliked. Travelers who selected the do-it-yourself way have also expressed displeasure. For your benefit, here are the top 7 reasons most tourists mentioned for hiring a Hanoi tour guide.

1. Personalized Tour Design – Larger tours with numerous other people cover a full list of sights and points, some which may not be of interest. Sometimes you feel disappointed and feel you have wasted time on something with no benefit to yourself. Most vacationers already find time very limited. Hanoi private tour guides design sights and destinations with your group in mind.

2. Smaller Groups – Guides in large groups can often sound like lecturers in class, that is if you can hear them, than a guide you paid to lead and inform you. With Hanoi free tour guides, your guide is there for you, your friends or family. There are not dozens of people to quarrel with for the guide’s attention. He or she is more than willing to show you around and answer all of your questions.

3. Flexibility – Due to the number of people on busier tours and how many subsequent trips the guide may have scheduled for that day, there may not be enough time to stop and explain all of the sights you come across. In private guided tours the schedule is more flexible. For a nominal fee, visits can often be extended or booked for consecutive days with the same guide.

Example: Great walking tour around Hanoi and Old Quarter with Mr Tao with lots of information about Vietnam history, culture, and food! Definitely recommended. Book on their website and they are quick to respond with a confirmation.

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With comprehensive information on the internet, in books and on leaflets, is a Hanoi private tour guide a necessity?

4. Saving Time – The Hanoi free local guides know the best things to see and do within a limited time. They will make recommendations, ask questions and suggest tours with you in mind, unlike the larger trips which are pre-planned.

5. Communication – When travelling new countries, it is helpful to be able to communicate. Hanoi free tour guides are locals who speak the language, English and often an additional language and can translate for you.

6. Saving Money – A private guide from Hanoi free tours can save you money by avoiding tourist traps and taking you to addresses known only to the locals.

7. Cultural Insight and Protection – Every county has its own traditional customs and expectations. In Japan, For example, it is impolite to point. These can also extend to simple advice such as crossing the road safely in Vietnam to explaining the law. With added insights from an expert local guide, you can avoid confusion or worse.