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A traditional Vietnamese cuisine essence


Speaking of the soul of Vietnam’s culinary, it would be a great mistake not to mention (noodle soup), which is a symbolic dish of the traditional Vietnamese cuisine. A hot steaming bowl of Phở with the flavorful broth, along with sweet pieces of meat and chewy long white noodles, has always made an unforgettable impression on food lovers all around the world. 
The value of Pho Hanoi
It is difficult to find any dishes of Vietnam that have a huge culinary space like Pho Hanoi. Pho is also considered a timeless speciality and can be eaten at any time of day. 
A non-class dish
No one is descended to the position of the poor and no one is considered rich when eating Pho Hanoi. That is the pure and simple beauty of Pho! Every class in the society, from wealthy families, politicians, government officials to normal citizens of young and old age, enjoys Phở and contribute to makes it the most popular dish in Vietnam. 
A “super” nutritional food
According to nutrition experts, Phở is a combination of flavours. In a bowl of Phở contains 18-20 kinds of foodstuffs of animal origin and natural plants. The most special thing in this dish is that the ingredients are used almost in the original state and harmoniously combine to create a unique and delicious flavour.
The broth is no doubt the essence of Phở. It is made from beef bones boiled for many hours and added flavours by different types of spices and dosages. Each chef has their own secret recipe for a flavorful and mouth-watering broth. Besides, calcium from bone and marrow is a very good active ingredient in curing arthritis of the old age as well as developing the body at an early age. 
Moreover, in the broth, food lovers can taste a rich and unique flavour from dry ingredients such as cardamom, scallion, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, onion, fish sauce, salt. These ingredients are the main source of minerals and vitamins, contributing greatly to improve blood quality and help protect blood vessels. 
The timeless Vietnamese dish of all time
Phở has been played an indispensable part in nurturing and introducing Vietnam cuisine to both domestic and international tourists. Besides, Pho Hanoi is also regarded as Vietnamese “national dish” and has successfully put its name on the world’s culinary map as one of the most delicious and worth trying dishes by many reputable food magazines. 
Phở has gained its reputation by the harmonious balance of salty, sour and sweet tastes in just one bowl. Cooking a perfect Pho Hanoi is not a piece of cake. The cook needs to follow many complicated processes, from choosing and preparing the ingredients to transform them into a complete dish. 
One of the most important ingredients of Pho Hanoi is the flat rice-flour strands of noodles, which promise to bring diners an interesting and chewy taste. The noodle is often cooked individually and only added at the last minutes, along with thin slices of meat. The next crucial ingredient of Pho Hanoi is the transparent and flavorful broth, which affects greatly to the deliciousness of the dish. 
Creating a wonderful broth requires a complex and delicate combination of soup stock and many types of spices. This well-balanced mixture ensures to bring out an explosion of flavours right inside the mouth. A basket of fresh vegetables such as Thai basil, green onions and cilantro is an excellent final touch to the dish. In addition, there is a variety of condiments like fish sauce and fish sauce served along with Phở. Diners feel free to add them to their bowls of Phở based on their taste and interest. 
Savouring a hot delicious bowl of Phở at a small street vendor in a chilly cold night air and looking at the people walking by can become an unforgettable highlight in your food journey. 
Top 3 best memorable and famous brands of Phở in Hanoi
Phở Thìn
Phở Thìn has over 30 years of age in the Vietnamese “culinary village”. If there is a festival introducing traditional Vietnamese food, Phở Thìn will definitely be in the “vedette” position on the catwalk. For many years, this special place serves only one type of Phở, which is noodle soup with half-done beef. 
The delicious taste of tender beef meat brings to a new level with the help of garlic and ginger. Moreover, the transparent broth is another plus of Phở Thìn, which has succeeded in attracting thousands of food lovers coming to enjoy. A plate of golden crispy crullers adds more bright and eye-catching colours to the dish. 
Phở is a popular dish with a reasonable price. With only 50,000 VND, you will receive a generous and flavorful bowl of Phở Thìn to savour and enjoy. Phở Thìn is located modestly at 13 Lo Duc Street. Remember to come early because this place is always surrounded by a hunger crowd almost every day. 
Phở  (Chicken noodle soup) of Nguyet Phu Doan
This place provides two types of Phở: the traditional noodle soup and the mixed one. Customers visiting this place once will definitely try its most famous dish – chicken mixed noodle soup. Each of the ingredient, from chicken thighs, chicken wings to chicken meat, can satisfy the most demanding customers.
A complete bowl of chicken mixed noodle soup includes boiled rice-flour strands of noodle, sweet and sour soy sauce, roasted soybean, dried onion and bean sprout. Diners only need to mix all the ingredients together and have a mouthful spoon of the dish to truly admire the surprising but pleasing flavour explosion right at the tip of their tongue. 
Phở Cuốn ( rolled Phở) of Ngu Xa
This place is a pioneer of the “Phở” revolution in Hanoi with the introduction of three new interesting types of Phở – rolled phở, fried square rice noodle “pillows”, fried noodle mixed with egg. A plate of rolled Phở is the least colourful dish of the three because the rice noodle wraps all the ingredients inside. Fresh lettuce, beef, herb, a bowl of sweet and sour sauce with slice green paprika create an unforgettable filling of a rolled Phở – simple but irresistible. 
Fried square rice noodle “pillows” demand more elaborate cooking. Each piece of rice noodle is stacked on one another, cut into small square shapes and then crispy fried. On top of the dish is a layer of green fresh vegetables, onions and fried beef, along with the typical tasty sauce, which is enough to make your mouth water!
More creative is the fried egg noodle. Noodles are sliced, folded, dipped in a cloth of eggs and then deep fried in the pan. The sauce is similar to fried square rice noodle “pillows” but tomatoes are added to elevate the flavour. 
With an attractive price and unique flavour, Pho Hanoi has successfully “defeated” any hunger stomach at the first try. Pho Hanoi is a simple word but contains the most outstanding Vietnamese traditional cuisine essence. Therefore, if you are yearning for an impressive Vietnamese culinary journey, there is nothing better than enjoying a hot plentiful bowl of Pho Hanoi