Hanoi in Spring

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Ha Noi in Spring 

Being the capital city of Viet Nam –  a tropical country, Ha Noi has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Each season has its own characteristics which make our hearts flutter whenever we think of it. If winter brings us the chill, spring, on the other hand, is considered warm, pleasant and vibrant. So what is the recipe for a beautiful spring in Hà Nội?


Ha Noi in spring falls in the first months of the year, from January to late March ( or early April). The ingredients creating a typical Hanoi climate must be a combination of cool temperature (normally ranging from 15 – 20-degree Celcius) and frequent drizzle which stirs our hearts.

Spring is also regarded as the ideal time for proliferation, development of all kinds of plants, especially flowers. Peach blossom is the most popular and ubiquitous in Ha Noi. On these days, walking around Ha Noi, visiting Nhat Tan or Tay Tuu gardens will give you opportunities to enjoy the

Peach blossom

People also admire this capital city for many other striking flowers, one of them is the Ban flower. It is wonderful to go for a walk along Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Hoa Tham streets and enjoy the fresh air, the white or pink colour of the Ban flower and snap some photos to capture the fantastic view here. Take advantage of this favourable weather to go sightseeing, stroll around and have a rendezvous with friends.


Viet Nam in general and Ha Noi, in particular, has a special cuisine that distinguishes Viet Nam from other countries. As we may know, Viet Nam is divided into three different parts: North, Central and South. If the Central likes the spicy taste, the South is a little more simple with a great variety of food, the North is characterised by being more frugal characterised by a slightly more sour taste.

Hanoi has a reputation for traditional food which becomes the favoured dish when spring is coming. Being the cradle of many signature dishes, the first one on the list must be Bun Thang (Rice vermicelli noodle).

At first, many people may think it is similar to Pho. Bun Thang, however, has its own feature, with a mixture of rice vermicelli noodle, broth, a lot of toppings like shredded chicken, eggs, pork meats and aromatic herbs. Depending on your palate it could also contain dried shrimp, mushroom and so on.

Another recommendation for a must-try dish is Banh Troi (stuffed sticky rice balls or floating rice cake). In Viet Nam, on the third day of March according to the Chinese calendar, every family, especially in some Northern cities like Ha noi, will make this dish with the hope that everything will run smoothly in the oncoming year. If you have not had a chance to try this glutinous rice mixed with dark palm sugar balls and roasted sesame seeds, let’s give it a shot and you will definitely immerse in its sweetness and delicacy.

Jubilantly festival

Travelling to Ha Noi right on Spring, it is the appropriate time for enjoying a host of interesting festivals that attract millions of domestic and international visitors because Tet holiday is celebrated in Spring. If you follow Buddism, you should go to the Huong Pagoda, where many citizens come to pray for luck, happiness and prosperity. Furthermore, a series of other traditional festivals also occur simultaneously like Co Loa or Giong festival to commemorate and show our respect and gratitude to Vietnamese heroes.

Another memorable highlight is the Tet holiday (Lunar new year). Some days before Tet, people gravitate towards the streets for shopping. These days, the roads are crowded with a wide range of fresh flowers, plants and fruits. People also shop for decorations and new clothes to greet a new year. During Tet holiday, people tend to stay at their hometown with family and enjoy hand-made Chung cake (stuffed sticky rice cake), the traditional, special and indispensable dish for Tet.

Each of these things is the mosaic creating the one-of-the-kind capital city of Hanoi. If you have not been to Ha Noi, especially in spring, do not miss the chance to come here to discover what makes a charming Ha Noi, what makes Ha Noi different from other cities, what make Ha Noi become one of the most worthwhile destinations. Hanoians are renowned for their friendliness, enthusiasm and hospitality. Coming here, you would be welcomed warmly and have the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of culture and cuisine. Maybe, you would fall in love with the fascinating and alluring scene of nature and activities here.