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Hanoi has captivated tourist around the world from different kinds of age, from the elderly to the children. Parents can bring their kids here for both educational and entertaining purpose. This is POSSIBLE since Hanoi presents the tourists with multiple choices of Children activities.
Let’s take a look as to where children can learn from our culture and enjoy themselves.


First up! Let’s take a look at the Museum of Ethnology to understand more about Vietnam culture.
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
For many visitors to Hanoi, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is always on the list of “not to be missed”; destinations. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was formed in 1981 in Hanoi with an area of 3.27 ha. This project was designed by architect Ha Duc Linh and interiorly designed by architect Veronique Dollfus (French). The museum brings back the history and culture of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The artefacts are displayed in many different categories such as clothing, jewellery, weapons, musical instruments, religions, beliefs and many other spiritual activities. The museum is divided into three main display areas: Bronze Drum, outdoor display area and Southeast Asia exhibition area. Viewing from the outside, visitors would be attracted by the presentation and the logical layout from the form to the content. Tourists come here not only to admire the artefacts but also to watch certain activities. At every weekend, Ethnological Museum also organizes many water puppet shows, folk arts activities, folk festivals with bold Ethnic culture of Vietnam for tourists. Visitors can stop buying some small, lovely souvenirs to make gifts for their family or friends after visiting the museum.
Bat Trang Pottery Village To better learn our culture, children can take another look at Bat Trang Pottery Village. Bat Trang is regarded as the most famous pottery village in Vietnam as it is a favourite destination for many domestic and foreign tourists. Bat Trang pottery village produces a wide range of goods in terms of both types and designs, including fine art items such as statues and reliefs, high-tech products, breeds, flower vases, hanging plates … The most interesting thing when visiting Bat Trang ancient pottery village is to watch the artisans make delicate products. You can also experience hand-crafting such products by yourself.
Visiting Bat Trang ancient pottery village, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the ancient village corner that has been preserved almost intact since the 19th century.
It lies near Bat Trang communal house with the narrow passage between the brick houses lying close together … This is a very captivating characteristic of the craft village .. Visiting the cultural and historical relics of the village such as Dinh, Van Chi, Chua, Temple … visitors will have the opportunity to better understand the spiritual life of the ancient pottery village people.
Tourists can experience the process of shaping ceramic products to save memories of their visit to the pottery village. Tourists can observe all kinds of high quality fine-art ceramic products, interior ceramics, household ceramics and industrial porcelain items presented by artisans.


Aside from this culture- representing sites, tourists can also check out other places that will present many fun activities for the kids.

Ho Tay Water Park

Ho Tay Water Park is an interesting entertainment complex with a unique and modern design. The water park has become a familiar and attractive destination not only for the people living in the city but also for foreign tourists. The water park is located in Tay Ho district, Hanoi. It is the most attractive modern entertainment area in Hanoi today. Officially put into operation since 2000, this has been an attractive destination not only for people living in Hanoi but also for tourists coming here.
With a unique design and multi-functional entertainment complexes, the water park is attracting more and more young people for the coming summer days. The pool area for children with a length of 450m, a width of 4.5m and under 5 bridges also has mini slides which would bring lots of entertainment. Moon Park is located near the water park. Sitting on the merry-go-round at a height of 60m, tourists can relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. There are also three-dimensional movie theatre rooms, new electronic games, supermarkets and sports complexes with tennis courts, badminton, etc. The water park is a modern and
attractive area attracting thousands of visitors every day with adventurous and thrilling games such as: watching space movies, riding Thang Long Steel Dragon train. This is also the place that presents music exchange nights to attract youngsters. This is truly a vibrant, attractive and familiar entertainment spot for all ages when summer comes.
Currently, besides promoting what is already there, Ho Tay water park is constantly improving the environmental landscape, cleaning water sources, restaurants and services system … to attract more visitors to The park also promotes a fresh and friendly image of Vietnam with visitors from all over the world.
Thong Nhat Park
Thong Nhat Park is also A great place to visit, relax for your trip. Established in 1997 with an area of over 50 ha, Thong Nhat Park is a natural landscape in the heart of Hanoi capital, planted with many trees with a cool and fresh climate. It is located in Bay Mau Lake. Visitors will see many areas of flowers and ornamental plants with many long benches nestled by the arch. As the park is a place to rest, chat or relax, visitors can come here to visit and explore. In the park, there is also an orchid growing area with hundreds of orchids and many other kinds of plants.
Moreover, there are many big tanks in which much beautiful exotic fish live in. It is very suitable for families with young children to visit and have fun, especially on weekends. It is captivating not only for sightseeing but also for many interesting games for children such as Ferris wheel, mirror house, sailing boat, train. In addition, with a large space divided into many separate areas, the park is also an ideal place to organize large outdoor programs like the Hoa Xuan fair which shows thousands of beautiful flowers. Especially on holidays, many folk games and book festivals are held, which allows many tourists to visit, discover and feel the fresh atmosphere after days of pressure and tiredness. Known as “The green lungs”; Thong Nhat Park always promises to be a great destination for tourists arriving here.

Kinder Park

Kinder Park is a fun place for children to play and enjoy themselves as well.
Built and put into operation in 2011, Kinder Park has quickly become an exciting entertainment venue for children and families. This place is always on the list of  “not to be missed” destinations in Hanoi. Children can play around within a large but safe space. Here, children would love to immerse themselves in extremely interesting games with their peers. Kinder Park has always focused on the safety and cleanliness for the children because all the devices are qualified.
For those who love challenging activities, they can try climbing onto the indoor wall. Parents do not need to worry about the safety of the Kinder climbing wall.
Insurance equipment is provided and instructors are always available to make sure small children play safely. While children play with friends, parents can come to Kinder Cafe to relax and chat. This is also the place to organize holiday parties, birthday parties or warm meetings for children.
Apart from all these, children can enjoy live performances at the Hanoi central Circus, which would be ideal for a night out with the whole family. Parents can also let their kids watch or even feed animals such as monkeys, big cats and reptiles in zoos. Parents with their kids can enjoy a perfect family day in the cinema to watch the current playing movies. Additionally, kids can also spend the day together gathering at the gaming centre like The Vincom Shopping mall gaming area to play games and have a great time.
For all these reasons, Hanoi is proved to be a great place for children in many aspects: Not only children can understand and get more knowledge about the native culture, but also it is an ideal destination for parents to chill and relax with their kids and have great family time together.