Autumn in Hanoi

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Autumn in Hanoi

Reasons to fall in love at first sight with the autumn in Hanoi


Autumn in Hanoi

Autumn in Hanoi makes all the wanderers fall in love at first sight with fallen gold leaves rustling, a relaxing cold breeze with mixed a passionate scent of milk flowers. Perhaps that is the reason why people call autumn is the best and most romantic season of the year. 
The gorgeous beauty of the autumn in Hanoi not only holds back the steps of faraway Vietnamese children but also evokes the curiosity of foreign visitors who are excited to once set foot on this dreamy land. 
So which are the signs to recognize the most beautiful and romantic season of the year? It is an unforgettable image of a quiet and peaceful Hanoi covered in a cold chilly blanket. The street in the autumn seems to lose its constant hustle and bustle, dust and the crowd of people. Unlike the intense heat of summer or the cold freeze of winter, autumn generously gives out an embrace of cool, fresh and comfortable air. 
There are countless reasons to fall head over hills in love with the autumn in Hanoi

The passionate fragrance of milk flowers embraces Hanoi old streets


Autumn in Hanoi

Autumn is no longer autumn without milk flowers. Speaking of milk flowers, some people may shake their heads because of the intense smell of this flower. But if milk flowers disappear, autumn in Hanoi will never be the same and felt completely. Imagine a night going home late, passing the familiar street and sensing a light and pleasant smell of milk flowers. Only thinking about it makes every Hanoian wish the autumn come faster. 
One day sitting on some sidewalks of Hanoi in autumn, we easily feel an occasional waft of milk flowers somewhere. No one knows when this tree is planted but every day, it stretches out to welcome the sun and is adored by many Hanoians when the autumn knocks on the door. 
Autumn in Hanoi sends out its signal through the image of clusters of pure white milk flowers. On the road with an endless stretch of milk flower trees, the feelings of autumn become clear and obvious than ever. 

The season of green rice (Cốm) – a speciality of autumn in Hanoi

In addition to the charming and lovely white of milk flowers, the lively green colour of “Cốm” sold on almost every Hanoi streets becomes equally eye-catching. The “birthplace” of this special Hanoi gift is Vong village, Cau Giay District. To make that perfect gift of autumn, artisans must spend countless hours to carefully prune, roast and dry. 
Visitors coming back from Hanoi often bring with them packets of green rice as gifts to friends and family. Exquisite artisans create many delicious and unique dishes from the main star ingredients – green rice such as young rice cake and grilled green rice (chả cốm).
Another interesting way to enjoy green rice is eating it with banana or persimmon and a cup of tea. While green rice with banana is an unforgettable combination, green rice with persimmon is a perfect match from heaven. “Cốm” – a simple and pure and persimmon – a dazzling and luxurious combines and enhances each other. Holding in our hands this rustic gift of Hanoi, we have a taste of autumn in Hanoi in each beautiful grain of green rice. 

The baskets filled with flowers


Autumn in Hanoi
The familiar image of baskets filled with gorgeous types of flowers travelling through the streets has never failed to amaze tourists whenever the autumn comes at the door. Daisy, heather, butterfly flower, cauliflower,…adorn to the already impressed picture of autumn in Hanoi
In this lovely season, buying flowers from street vendors for yourself and your loved ones is an indispensable task. Apart from the display effect, the irresistible beauty of flowers also becomes a perfect background for many lifetime photos taken in this gentle and charming season. 

The season of love 

The coming of autumn signals the wedding season. Relaxing weather, gentle sunshine and poetic space of the autumn in Hanoi create a great moment for a lot of loving couples to take their memorable wedding photos. 
Talking a walk on many beautiful streets of Hanoi in autumn such as Dinh Tien Hoang, Trang ThiPhan Dinh Phung and so on, we can easily spot couples in wedding dresses giving one another passionate kisses. 
Every season of Hanoi has its own beauty, but the ancient features and charming grace of autumn brings a unique attraction for wedding photos. 

The season of sudden autumn rains


Autumn in Hanoi

The summer rain showers are always the most expected rain, signalling that from now on sunny days have far back and make ways for cool autumn days. The first autumn rains are always heavy as if to get rid of sadness and annoyance from the hot summer days. It is the “precious” rain that brings a cool autumn air to Hanoi.
Rain on the roof of ancient houses, on the perennial trees, is the work of nature, the gift of the universe for the autumn in HanoiWe can tell the autumn is coming by looking at the golden leaf falling in the rain, which makes it an impressive highlight of Hanoi’s autumn. 

An ideal time for sipping a cup of coffee on the sidewalk

Sipping coffee and watching people walk by is one of the most “addicted” habits of Hanoian in autumn. While the heat of summer and coldness of winter prevents people from enjoying this elegant pleasure, autumn comes with a pleasant air, moderate sunshine, light winds and attractive aroma of milk flowers. 
Moreover, not to mention the times when street vendors selling green rice and beautiful flowers cross by and make your heart beat faster by the sight of autumn falling through the eyes. Is that what we usually imagine about a great hangout cafe with friends?
In autumn, Hanoi appears as a pretty girl with hidden charm. Any visitors to the capital for the first time always cannot help but admire the beautiful, dreamlike and poetic sceneries covered in the fresh autumn air. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to this land of thousand years of civilization to embrace the autumn in Hanoi